Our Process

Gelman & Associates' approach is three-fold: Stabilization, Transformation and Regeneration.


To help you achieve your goals we work with you to define where you are and where you want to go. Our work begins with an in-depth review of your company. Beyond the typical analysis of your financials, our review often includes candid interviews with the stakeholders of your business: employees, equity holders, lenders, suppliers and customers.

From this, we provide an objective assessment of your company. In addition to identifying strengths and opportunities we clearly call out critical weaknesses and challenges that should be quickly addressed for you to succeed. Then we provide realistic actionable recommendations that will immediately help you to make better decisions and achieve better results.

Our recommendations to stabilize your business represent the first process step towards transformation and regeneration of your company.

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Transforming Your Business

We give you personal, practical experienced guidance designed to improve every area of your operations.

Our experience is deep, both as consultants and corporate leaders. We have run businesses large and small, public and private. We have turned around many at-risk companies, and provided hands-on guidance to dozens of CEOs in order to best transform their operations.

We love consulting, particularly the trust-based, long-lasting relationships we enjoy with our clients.

Our strategic and tactical assessments identify your current financial, operational, marketing and human resource strengths and weaknesses. This analysis provides the basis for recommendations and programs that maximize your core competencies.

Our business transformation process is customized to meet each of our client's needs.

  • Our approach is designed to ensure that appropriate controls are in place and that your operations, finance, sales, marketing and human resources are running in optimal order.
  • We quickly identify where you are today and focus on initiatives necessary for you to transform your business today and continue to thrive well into the future.

You can count on us to:

  • Develop ways of doing business that are most responsive to the new demands of customers, suppliers and investors.
  • Enable you to develop new streams of revenue for your existing products or services.
  • Explore innovative ways to quickly develop and introduce complementary new products or services.
  • Restructure your organization to make the best use of critical resources.
  • Ensure that you optimize results in every area of your operations.
  • Provide you with the insight needed to make the tough decisions.


Importantly, we will position your company so that it is profitable and attractive to potential investors,or prospective M&A partners.

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Regenerating Your Business

Your business may be facing unusual risks and financial pressures during this uncertain business climate.

Many of these risks may not be readily apparent. We will work closely with you to examine these risks and develop a plan to mitigate them. If necessary, we will help you restructure your company in order to get the company back into optimal health again.

  • We analyze your business to identify those risks which must be addressed immediately.
  • We guide you through the restructuring process to ensure these risks are mitigated.
  • In addition, we help you implement critical benchmarking tools across all functional areas of your business, to ensure that you are operating at peak efficiency.

A company often needs to develop and market new products, as well as identify new uses and extensions for existing brands. Sometimes companies need to totally re-evaluate the way they approach the marketplace.

In fact, in many cases, the asset values of existing products and customer relationships are sub-optimized.

Product re-evaluation and re-positioning are core components of our regeneration process. These activities ensure your products meet customer needs and reach your target audience.

Identifying meaningful ways to extend product life cycles and creating trust-based customer relationships has proven extremely valuable to many companies.

It's a process that requires innovative thinking to fully evaluate your potential opportunities in the marketplace. In fact, Gelman & Associates is quite adept at coming up with new and unconventional approaches.

One approach is to lead brainstorming sessions at your company, and then collaboratively assess the potential of new concepts.

We will rigorously analyze competitive environments, explore commercial viabilities and scope out the required steps to succeed in the current environment.

In order to create customized marketing and sales programs for product launches we will identify new distribution channels and customers for products, programs and services.


Finally, we provide a clear action plan for your successful entry into the marketplace.

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