We quickly help streamline your operations to ensure the business is  performing profitably. We do this by identifying your business' core  strengths and by adapting them to today's changing marketplace. 

Our Focus


Gelman & Associates focuses on helping CEOs successfully navigate  their companies through tough economic times and changing markets.

For the forward-thinking, courageous business leader, today's  economic turmoil can spell opportunity. We advise you how to seize this  opportunity, to help you transform and regenerate your business.

When you engage Gelman & Associates you get an actionable plan to help: 

  • — turn your business around,
  • — identify profitable new revenue sources,
  • — safely reduce costs, and
  • — restructure your resources.

Our entire consulting approach is collaborative. We believe that  change works best, happens faster and sticks the longest, if management  and employees work together throughout the change process.

We work side by side with you, every step along the way, to help you implement the plan.

The business climate has changed dramatically, practically overnight. Those who change with it can prosper. Let us show you how.